Based in London. Whilst studying photography I have established my practice working with images and installation. My main areas of interest are Suprematist and Constructivist movements of the 1920-30’s in Eastern Europe. Design and composition are the most compelling dimensions of my non-representational works. Using domestic, abstract and found objects to create new structures, I invent alternative languages in my photographs. I work with juxtapositions of manmade objects in architectural or natural landscapes. These inanimate objects are arranged to produce metaphorical and symbolical insights.

I also bring a feminist perspective to domestic space and mental health using documentary photography. These projects are conceived through personal experience, and the need to discuss social taboos.

I seek collaborative opportunities, I work with sound, sculpture, design and musicians. I mix analog and digital photography, depending on the assignment and mood of the project. I curate exhibitions and produce artist’s publications. 

Other areas of my artistic interests include curating and book design. My biggest passion is printed image presented in experimental ways.