The main event of the protest movement was the nationwide women’s strike within the “Black Protest” against the possible total abortion ban, which took place on October 3rd 2016 in Poland. On the protest day, women dressed in black took to the main squares of the biggest Polish cities. The women were not calling for the legalization of abortion, but for securing the compromise developed in the 1990s. The protests bore fruit. The developments that followed showed that the government began to look for alternative answers to the questions.

 Tens of thousands women took to the streets on the ‘Black Wednesday’ the 8th of March 2017. European cities filled by women clad in black, carrying hand-made banners bearing phrases such as “My body, my choice!”

“I am, I think, I decide!” “The government is not a pregnancy – it can be easily removed,” and “Keep your rosaries out of my ovaries!”

Women of all nationalities protested and manifested their collective strength. My way to protest was to create a series of collages addressing the vulnerability of being a woman, objectification of female body and the fact that in the 21st century we still have to put up a fight to get our voices heard and to be able to control our own bodies.