Lost in Chaos, Found in Order: The Shed Project


Couple of years ago I had my shed built in the garden, so there I could collect my thoughts and recline in my own space, surrounded by trees and other plants, outside my apartment.It also became additional storage space, where every little object, which I brought home from an odd charity shop or a market, or simply picked up from a street- it all ended up in the shed.

In the Winter it served only as storage, and gradually there was no room for me. One day I realised that the boxes filled in the whole area and that the objects somehow highjacked the space, and lived their own life within it.When I started emptying the shed, the process of physical clearance became symbolic for my psychological liberation and allowed me to declutter my emotional space.

I began grouping the objects together and building still life compositions, which I then pho- tographed. During the process of photographing I made lists of things and their source. I also made a photographic documentation of the process.

In the visual aesthetics I started making connections to advertising photography and still life in general, going back to 16th century vanitas and painting compositions.