Death comes to all of us, the living souls: plants, animals and humans. 

However, we seem to be the most intricate with the issue of aging and slow decay. As a society we are oblivious in our understanding of the process, we do not want recognize the sick and disabled, unless they are in our closest care…

Through the photographs of decomposing flowers, in their most fragile states, I wanted to communicate my personal observations about mortal physical deterioration.

In this project I adopt still life as a metaphor for visual language addressing the process of aging, seen as a natural circle. Beautiful flower fragments, after giving their seeds back to the earth. The old life ends, and the new life begins…

The decaying flowers can be just as beautiful as a fresh bunch, if we choose to look at them this way.

In a flower series I show every detail of wilting leaves and petals as symbols of this delicate process of ever changing unique beauty, shown without digital enhancement. The only parts that were digitally manipulated are the backgrounds, where an old ‘patina’ has been adapted, as to question how old are these photographs? How old are these flowers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use similar perspective with photography of people, as it would not be socially accepted.

I wish we could show our own decay and be proud of it.