New Horizons


Project New Horizons shows phantasmagoric landscapes created through juxtaposition of natural landscapes with manmade elements.

I photographed landscape of Dungeness, which in itself comes across as a strange location, a desert with a sea line and no trees, but plenty of boat wrecks and collapsing wooden cabins on the beach. All this stands in a shadow of nuclear power station and one road surrounding it.

This series was created with the intention of becoming a type of ‘radical weapon' in an art form (as opposed to poster for example).

I wanted to show disappearing natural landscape, affected by human footprint that we leave behind, and how we interact with it. I was aiming to create arresting images, with a sense of foreboding and almost cataclysmic feel.

As a result of strong digital manipulation, I merged two photographs with opposing information into one image. Usually graphic programs are used for enhancement of the photograph, here, I tried to translate tension and tenebrosity, just like in the title, which sounds optimistic at first, but after examining the content, it represents new, destroyed planet.

My technique of presenting the final piece was influenced by W. Blake's transparency of some elements in order to show both surfaces and the connection between each other, and give potential meaning to the new composition.

    As John Berger writes of Blake’s techniques in “Ways of Seeing”:

“…to make his figures loose substance to become transparent and indeterminate one from the other, to defy gravity, to be present but intangible, to glow without a definable surface, not to reduce the objects." 

My main influence for this project is Old Masters’ skills, dark, anxious paintings of Pieter Bruegel, and use of light by Caravaggio or Rembrandt.