The Reality of Abstraction



Reality of Abstraction is a set of black and white photographs, showing abstract images inspired by Suprematist art movement, started in 1913/1915 by Kazimir Malevich. Analyzing his philosophy of non-objective art, I wanted to achieve this "pure artistic feeling, rather than depiction of objects" (Malevich).

I photographed a set of objects with strong architectural shapes and gave them a new form to seek that truth, of the visual experience. Artist as a philosopher, seeking the truth, where "art invades spaces, where only form exists"...

I changed my subjects from being 'just' objects, into abstract forms.

I wanted to show the borderline, where the 'reality' ends, and 'abstract' begins. When the eye gets confused, and the mind starts to wander. 

Can Art become universal language?

Can Art change the world? 

We can ask the same questions today, as the Suprematists did a century ago.