In my images of frozen lakes I want to show you my emotions. The crucial starting point for this project was my Father passing away seven days before Christmas.

My “Transition” series is a set of black & white photographs, taken on a long walk around the lake in Olsztyn, Poland. The ice and snow became significant symbols of coldness and detachment. The grey skies and white & grey ice translate my emotions of sadness and felling of loss.

Taking these images became my meditation, during the time of grief and feeling of distance from reality.

In this moody series I ask you to stop and ‘float’ with the visuals.

“The Tibetan Book of the Dead” is an important document that has stood the test of time and attempts to provide answers to one of mankind's greatest questions: What happens when we die?

Bar do, Sankrit antarabhāva - "intermediate state", "transitional state", "in-between state", "liminal state". Used loosely, the term "bardo" refers to the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. It is there to help me understand…



This is a documentation of my Father’s belongings, which I photographed when I was going through his things.

These are his most treasured possessions.

His name and dates 29.11.1936-18.12.2014

For this project I used fast film to capture dark, grainy atmosphere of Polish Winter. The choice of film and the complexity of taking photographs with analogue camera without a tripod on a dark, gloomy day was my necessary challenge.